Fixed prosthetic replacements on implants can be described as an evolution when we consider that not so long ago a mobile complete denture was the only solution for the repair of edentulousness.

Prosthetic constructions on dental implants look much more natural and give patients a significantly better feeling than complete dentures. As a result, patients are much more satisfied with the prosthetic replacement. If the prosthesis does not sit properly on the bearing, it can cause redness and inflammation. Due to the palatal plate in the upper jaw, many things no longer taste as good as before, and speech is difficult.

Today, modern dentistry goes a step further. Patients with tooth loss can smile brightly again and bite properly after just one day of treatment. You can see this in our practice. Through regular education and many years of experience, we offer treatments at the highest level and the latest technology.

How does the procedure work?

The prosthetic structure is supported by four to six implants per jaw. The lateral implants were inserted at a 30-degree angle. Due to the inclination, the implants support and stabilize each other, thus ensuring sufficient stability with only few implants. Unlike a complete denture, the palate remains free. This method of treatment does not affect the sensory nerve in the lower jaw or the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw. Temporary dentures are firmly attached to the roots of artificial teeth and immediately ensure maximum fixation. The final prosthetic replacement offers even better fit and aesthetics. The implant can be loaded with the final prosthetic superstructure after three to four months.

For which patients is this procedure recommended?

Tooth loss can have various causes and occurs in older as well as younger people. Whether after an accident or after years of unnoticed periodontitis, teeth fall out and much of the quality of life is lost. Anyone who wants to replace mobile dentures with fixed ones can get it with this procedure. You can smile again, speak and bite strongly. Since the entire treatment is carried out in just one day, it also offers great benefits to patients with anxiety. The procedure is also possible for patients suffering from diabetes, osteoporosis and other previous diseases. We will clarify with you in advance after a detailed history of whether it is recommended to perform implant therapy in your case.

All the benefits briefly:

How exactly does the treatment work?

We conduct detailed counseling and information before the operation. We will discuss the procedure with you in detail and develop a treatment and cost plan. With the help of 3D X-rays, we analyze all the possibilities of therapy with regard to your oral condition and determine the height and width of the jawbone. In the second step, we remove existing teeth that are no longer worth keeping, and after that we put four to six implants in each edentulous jaw. At the end of the therapy you will get a permanent solution to edentulism. Throughout the treatment we ensure that you feel comfortable with us. The dentist, dental technician and assistants have been a well-coordinated team for years, and we ensure a safe and painless procedure.

After successful treatment, you should not neglect follow-up care. This refers to thorough oral hygiene and care of prosthetic replacements on implants as well as regular checkups at the dentist. After the end of the therapy, it is recommended to have a regular dental check up every six months, including the removal of tartar and professional teeth cleaning.